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[11 Mar 2006|12:07am]
[ mood | confused ]

today was...awesome
-took andrew/kenny's bus to andrews
-hung out at andrews
-6 second Abs
-went to kennys with andrew
-ate a fudge bar
-skated at st.patricks with kenny's old board while my mom dropped off my board
-"is that your mom? is that your mom? is that your mom"
-skated in town with them
-saw people
-Kenny and andrew got quiznos
-skated some more
-worked with farkas 5-9(farkas is quitting to do lacrosse)LOSER
-bunch of people came to visit..including eric berger..and his mom.
-Jordan and Sam met me at quiznos at 9
-skated for a while in town.
-skated home by myself.

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yeah..got this from kenny and was really bored. [24 Jan 2006|10:36pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

1. Who are you?

2. How well do you know me?

3. Have you ever met me?

4. Have we ever spoken on the phone?

5. Online?

6. Name some things you like about me.

7. Am I a bitch?

8. Am I funny?

9. Would you help me if I needed help?

10. What would you do if I....

Got pregnant

Became a drug addict

Slept with your boyfriend/girlfriend


Needed a place to stay

Was raped

11. Would you ever lend me money?

12. Am I attractive?

13. Why or why not would you want to live with me?

14. Would you kiss me?

15. Would you have sex with me?

16. Would you take a bullet for me?

17. How long have you known me for?

18. Name my best features.

19. What is your favorite thing about me?

20. Repost this in your journal to see what I say about you.

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[15 Jan 2006|10:34pm]
Okay so i saw King Kong today...The graphics were beyond impressive..i dont know how to describe it. That made the movie but besides that it was really long and drawn out at times. Overall-Good Stuff

Second day updating...be proud.

Life is still good but it will shortly come to and end once school comes on tuesday.
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hmmm [15 Jan 2006|12:23am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

yeah so..just got home from work a little while ago. Life is good..dont know why, but it couldnt be better, lol. So yesterday was the day i was looking foward too all week. The BIG hang out with Enrico Chris and Kamil. We chilled for a while, Enrico made a new friend named Mr.Donut and then Kamil dropped us off at Chris's house because he had to go to work.

So we hung out in Chris's for a while and did nothing but sit in his basement but it was fun as always. THen at 6:30 we left to walk to mikes house for his big party. So we get there and it was freaking sweet. Black lights are pretty trippy for parties. I want to buy one..but i never will because i'm never gonna have the motivation. So party ended at 11 but i didnt get home till 11:30 because i walked. Going home wasnt fun because i just left the house at 2:30 and didnt get home till 11:30 and no one knew where i was because i didnt have my phone. Yeah, that sucked.


-Woke up

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[03 Jan 2006|08:01pm]
[ mood | Emotionless ]

havent written in this in forever.

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PORN SHOP [10 Oct 2005|08:11pm]
[ mood | happy ]

okay so yesterday i went to Konrads house at around 1,so yeah i get there and I walk in the basement and there watching Bob Ross(the painter with the afro on channel 13)on Konrads computer. Luckily it was the begining so i got to watch pretty much the full thing. Half way through we decided to turn on the strobe lights so we were watching Bob Ross painting a foot bridge in strobe lights...coolest thing ever. Yeah so all i have to say to sum up the Bob Ross experience is a quote from him "i like fishing, oh shoot i'm a bad fisherman i catch the fish, put a bandaid on their mouth, pet the tu tu and let them go" hahahaha Bob Ross is the man(R.I.P)

Yeah so after that Tiff and Mel came over and we hung around in Konrads room with the strobe lights on and stuff. Then we decided we wanted McDonalds so we all walked there, got Mcdonalds(i chatted it up with the employes cuz ya know..i'm one of them hahaha) yeah so we ate then went on Mo Fuggz hill..i think. Then went behind this soccer place carved our names into the light post and threw berries at the windows. THEN WE SPOTTED THE PORN SHOP ACROSS THE STREET!..hahha so we decided to investigate..we stood in front of the front doors for like 10 minutes looking then we got m&m's from the little machine in the very front of the store, they were stale. thennn Jordan walked in and screamed "PORNO" then we ran to the side of the building, ran to the street, waited for cars, crossed Jericho then looked back and saw this old fat guy walk out of the porn shop so we ran into the woods.

Then we went back to Konrads basement we're we did stuff with the strobe lights..hahha bp. Yeah then mel and tiff left, me jordan and konrad freshened up(hahahha)and went into town to meet with these girls i didnt know. We waited in starbucks for a while and an hour and a half later they showed up. So yeah they were cool. Then Jordan and Konrad came back to my house cuz they were sleeping over. This is pretty much what we did....(not in order)

-Downloaded and Played Insaniquarium Deluxe
-Skateboarded in the basement ALOT
-Me and Jordan played "skate"
-Played N
-Konrad and Jordan played Kingdom Hearts
-Tony Hawk Underground
-Watched Fuel
-Ate Pancakes while watching little kids trying to scooter.

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umm yeah [30 Sep 2005|11:23pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i just found out my friend tom from bowling died and he was only 19....even though i didnt know him extremly well and only talked to him a couple times for some reason its hitting me pretty hard, i guess cuz he was only 19...yeahh

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[16 Sep 2005|11:31pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

yeahhhhh Stephs surprise party was illlllllllll. Quick overview of the party. Got there at like 6:45 Andrew was hyper hung out in the basement..then she came at like 7:15 and was not very surprised...but w/e. THEN we all went outside and went on the trampoline and stuff, i learned Mark+Trampoline=troube. Then we all hung out by the pool and somehow liz and mark jumped in fully clothed and before ya knew it everyone was in. It was fun untill my ankle got caught in between the deck and the pool and i fell in the pool like that..and didnt help that mark didnt realize and was throwing kids on top of me. lol so yeah i got and and realized i hadnt snapped my ankle in half. Then for some reason the cops came or something but they didnt do anything. Then we all danced, i crowd surfed LOL. Me and some other people were on the trampoline when the cops came for the second time because the music was too loud and they checked Mrs.Feguchio's ID, accused people from the party of goin to the park and drinking which wasnt true....so he finally left with just a warning. Then cake/black and white cookies...chillen in the basement for a bit and went home...yeahh it was a good party.

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[13 Sep 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Jack Johnson concert in central park was...AMAZING

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A few words to sum up today [05 Sep 2005|07:35pm]
I got shot by the cops bitch...why'd you leave me behind? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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[01 Sep 2005|11:25pm]
Is it just a waste of time?
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so you think you can tell [30 Aug 2005|11:42pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

wow..went up state to camp for a couple of days and then go to Lake George and stuff on monday and now its tuesday and...i'm home cuz the friggen hurricane or w/e went up there and there was gonna be heavy heavy rain wednsday thursday and part of friday with flooding and shit so...we came home, and the trip was ruined..but shit happens...and i'm goin up to hershey for a day or 2 later on this week.

In other news..the alice cooper and cheap concert was FUCKING amazing, not just amazing..FUCKING amazing. Cheap Trick played great and Alice really knows how to put on a show...yeah i would deff go again.

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FLOYD LASER SHOW [27 Aug 2005|11:11pm]
wow, we went to the Pink floyd laser show today(as in me Kamil and Enrico)at the brookhaven Ampitheatre and i'm not gonna lie..it was amazing. We got these glasses that "enhanced the laser expierence" as enrico put it. They started off the show with playing the whole Dark Side of the Moon album and it was really impressive not only with the lasers but on the screen they syncronized it with The Wizzard Of Oz at parts so it was cool. After that there was intermission then they played a bunch of songs from The Wall and other stuff..i would DEFF go again if the opportunity was given to me.

Tomorrow is the Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick concert at the same place and i'm really lookin foward to seeing it. Even though i dont know too much music from them but it should still be amazing. I've decided that concerts are alot of fun and i am gonna go to alot more in the near future...i still have the jack johnson concert in central park coming up which is extremly exciting....oh yeah i'm kinda angry at some people that i dont feel like mentioning but i just thought they had more....class????..any way yeah just kinda sick of it and thinking about change..and my ear fricken hurts and having headphones on with loud music playing isnt helping.
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[24 Aug 2005|10:06pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Yeahhh i got the journal of kurt cobain today at the library...its soo intersting to see the way he thought..i deffinitly recommend anyone who likes Nirvana to check it out..yeah still not into the whole updating the whole Live Journal thing..just cuz i'm..lazy? i guess its just boring sometimes and not always worth writing out my whole boring day just so i can read the 2 comments i get..and also i guess its cuz i've done nothing for the past weeks..which is....sad, its happens.

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[10 Aug 2005|10:15pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

yeah me and kamil rode our bikes to the kings park mental hospital or w/e it is...or was...it was pretty freaky...yeah i dont feel like really goin in depth about my day so just out ur thoughts about that place.

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[09 Aug 2005|11:47pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

werd. sooooo today at like 12:30 i went to crystal garden buffet with Chris and Tom and let me tell you..that place gets better and better everytime i go there, hahaha. So yeah it was an awesome time and all(and oh yeah we sat in the back for the first time,it was a memorable occasion) So yeah when we got out the weather was all bleh so we decided to head on over to blockbuster and rent a movie to watch in chris's basement. After walking around blockbuster for a looong time and seeing these two guys that ate at crystal garden also and recognized us we finally decided on renting anchorman. So we go up to pay for it but turns out the lady was a bitch and wouldnt let us get it because it was unrated and we needed to be 17 to get it. WTF?!?!?!

So yeah after another long search we decided on Zoolander even though i saw it. THEN as I'm walking out that bitch lady accuses me of stealing candy..err i hate her and hope she dies in a hole. So yeah we went back to Chris's basement and watched thee movie and i'm not gonna lie even though i already saw it i still really enjoyed it. Then we had a pretty "intense" pillow fight but that ended when Tom almost got knocked out..and we all eventually went home.

I did some stuff then decided to go on a bike ride so i retrieved good ol christopher and we rode alllllllll the way up to the high school so i could do something. I ate dinner but got in trouble for hitting rob or w/e so i left on another bike ride at 8 and chris came but we kinda just rode in our area and stuff...I got home at ten and i guess the realization that there daughter is getting married and leaving the house because when i walked in everyone was watching homevideos from the 80's and early 90's....hahaha it was quite amusing seeing me..i was one cool little kid...yeah

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[08 Aug 2005|11:36pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today=awesomeness. I went bowling with Kamil, Enrico and Chris at sports plus and it was sooo much fun. It was sooo funny watching Chris bowl especially since he got a 32 and a 23, and enrico didnt do much better getting a 34. Kamil did good considering he broke 100 once then got like 50's and stuff. So yeah that was pretty cool and Enrico is going to get some foot fungus because he wore the bowling shoes with out socks since he idiotically forgot to wear socks to bowling*smooth*

After bowling three games we walked over to the mall and i got a cinnabun while enrico bought stuff at Fye. Then we went to the food court and i got a auntie anns pretzel and soda...We walked back to the bowling alley where my mom picked up me and chris. After that i decidedd it was to late to go to kevins so i rode around with chris and stopped at mary ellens party thing for a bit, then we chilled with tom and jaclyn matheson on there driveway till like 10:30.

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how come all my posts are so long..i bet no one will read the whole thing [07 Aug 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

ok updating again and i expect enrico to comment. Friday afternoon i went to Short beach for kevins beach party thing which was simply amazing. I got there at like 2:40 and walked around the beach looking for everyone, little did i know they were all late! I found Kamil and Enrico and they informed me that Kevin was late so we hung out and stuff untill he came. We all did stuff and then i left at 6:30 to go to my sisters wedding rehersal which flat out sucked because we had to watch it twice before it was our turn.

I got back to the beach at around 8:30 and was told that i missed a really cool sunset and pizza. Which sucked. Yeah then we went swimming for a bit and sat around the fire for a while which was cool. Then me Mike Kim Kristina and Heather went on a walk and kim jumped off the rock while we hung out. Then me and Kim went back to the fire and the others stayed back sitting on the lifeguard stand or w/e. I made some smores and then we left the fire and played a stupid game of "fart or foof". It was EXTREMLY STUPID so kim and i decided to go back and see what Heather Mike and Kristina were up to but just as we thought they were delerious and saying weird things so we took a walk down the beach, sat down and talked about...Josie and the pussy cats?(yeah i dont really know why but it was fun)

So yeah we left then went back to lifeguard post and realized it was like 2 oclock and everyone was there so we all hung out on the lifeguard stand. Then Mike Heather and Kristina went to the campsite and we all laid down looking at stars and talking for the whole night..literally...it was awesome we stayed in that same spot till like 6 when it got light. then we got up and sat around till bagels at 8..oh yeah i had a bloody fetus fight with people and it was fun.

My mom came at ten o clock and i went straight to bowling with lisa and kenny. I was excited about finishing up bowling and getting home and sleeping, but right before i got out of the car my mom reminded me i had to go to brians bachelor party at the mets game so that made me pretty mad. I bowled pretty good for not sleeping atall. I got home at like 12:30 and RIGHT when I got home my dad was like "COME ON WE"RE GONNA BE LATE" so i hopped in the car and we drove into long island city(which has an amazing view of the empire state building stuff)and we took the subway into shea stadium. The game felt long but it was tolerable because i got a hotdog, a pepsi,penuts, and cotton candy. The mets ended up beating the cubs 2-0 and it was an awesome game. We got back on the subway and drove all the way home. We got home at like 4:30 and i went straightup to bed and didnt wake up till 8. Then i ended up getting up,getting breakfast and i went upstairs to take a shower but somehow ended up in my bed and i woke up at 12. So yeah it was alot of sleep.

I did nothing untill like five when i went up to get a hair cut with chris but the place was closed so we decided to have a party at chris's that didnt turn out very well. We could only get two people to go, Dan and lisa and tom matheson ended up coming....We ended up watching meet the parents and then had a pillow fight with all the lights off which was pretty intense...so yeah

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loooonnng day. [02 Aug 2005|12:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ooooook...so yesterday was pretty crazy...it started off at like 12 o clock that morning andrew asked if i wanted to have a really early skate seshion at like 6 o clock cuz we have been wanting to do it for a while. So i agreed finished up what i was doin and went off to bed. But i couldnt fall asleep because i got like 12 hours the night before so i laid there watching the cosby show(cuz it was a marathon)till i fell asleep at like 4:30.

Then before one and a half hours later(even though it felt like 15 minutes)i was awaken by my alarm clock. Andrew got to my house at like 6:05 and we were off. We walked through my neighborhood because we didnt want to wake people up, but once we got to the compleatly empty uncle g's parking lot we began skating..it was so weird goin through town that early in the morning because all the parking lots were empty, most of the stors were closed and the streets were pretty empty themselves.

Our first stop was at my former employer, Smithtown Bagel. Andrew got an egg bagel with butter and a Bawls Gurana and i got an everything bagel with butter, a corn muffin and a bawls gurana. And by the way the guy i worked with almost every morning for the whole summer last year didnt even remember me!..what an idiot. So anyway, me and Andrew ate our stuff and he saw linda the lady he works with at the canoe place.

When we finished we went to the new Walgreens and skated the manual pad for a while. My mom and dad walked by and said hi and we went back to skating. Then after getting some footage we went to the veterans memorial and I skated it for about 15 minutes. After that we headed over to the sizzler and skated the 3 stair for a little while which was pretty fun. Then we headed over to the bowling alley and thats where waking up at six to go skateboarding really payed off. We were able to skate the bowling alley four stair and ledge for a while because no one was there to kick us out after one try like usual. So that was pretty cool. After that we skated the train station four stair for a bit.

Then Andrew and I decided we wanted skate at Great Hollow so thats what we did. It took like 20 minutes to walk over there and the school was filled with janitors and teachers but amazingly, we didnt get kicked out. The only thing we skated there was the three to four and that was alot of footage even though we both left there injured. It was a LOOOOOOOOOONG and tiring walk home especially since I only got and hour and a half of sleep the night before.

I went online when i got home and right when i was about to go take a nap Liz IMed me and asked if i wanted hang out with her and allison at her house, so i road my longboard over and andrew was there also. It was awesome hanging out in her basement even though we just sat there talking and i rode an indo board for the first time. An indo board is basically a skateboard with no wheels that you put on top or a barrel and just balance and you can do some tricks and stuff. It was AWESOME. We left at like 12:45 because Liz had work.

When i got home i was EXHAUSTED and i should have just went upstairs and taken a nap but i decided to go online for a little bit which turned out to be a BAD idea. Once again i was about to go sleep but kenny imed me and asked if i wanted to skate with him and some kid brian. I probaby should have just said no but for some reason I said yes i picked picked andrew up on the walk over to kenny's house. We all walked up to st.pats and skated the back parking lot and i'm not gonna lie..it sucked. I finnaly decided to just go home and it was a good idea. When i got home i went online for like 5 minutes and then went upstairs, took like a 3 hour nap, ate dinner and did some stuff. Then i went back to sleep and passed out for the entire night, which was nice

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werd. [28 Jul 2005|11:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today was awesome. I went and skated in up at uncle g's with Gunner and 2 of his friends for like an hour. After that they went to go get pizza but i didnt have any money so i went further into town and found Nick, Sam and two of their friends that i didnt know..we skated till about 3:15 then i went home because i was DYING of thirst..oh yeah i saw andrew and mel in starbucks on my way home but didnt go in and talk to em.

When i got hom kenny asked if i wanted to skate uncle g's so we skated there for a while built a ramp and i did some stuff of it and almost kickflipped it. Then i went home and took a ride into town and found Eric, Dan, Gabe, Andrew(De Barbieri)and we directed traffic for a while. Then i realized it was past 8 so i headed over to the library for the beatles concert. I hung out with dan kim kevin and chris but there were alot more people there but those were pretty much the only people i talked to. Even tho dan left early. After the concert we all went to MIllenium diner and i got some fries..then came home and thats where i am now.so uhhh yeah

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